Why we love and use Lil Helper Cloth Diapers

If you’ve read the other posts in the cloth diaper series, then you’ve had a chance to think through whether or not you’re interested in cloth diapering. Choosing which cloth diaper you want to do can be overwhelming. Lots of families like to get a variety of diapers and then try them all out before committing to one particular type. I started to do this until we found Lil Helper. We fell in love almost immediately. There are 3 main reasons that we love using Lil Helper diapers—

Diaper System and Quality

Customer and Community Service

Customer Engagement

Each of these are great stand alone reasons for us to choose to support Lil Helper and use their diapers. But all of these reasons together have helped me to become very passionate about cloth diapering and them as a company.


Let’s start with the Diaper System and Quality

all in two diaper

Throughout this cloth diaper series, I have been sprinkling little bits of love on Lil Helper while explaining  What are the different types of cloth diapers? and Cleaning Cloth Diapers and Cloth Diapering Terms, Acronyms, and Accessories AND Why We Chose Cloth Diapers. I love the way that these diapers work. The snap in inserts allow you to reuse the covers more than once and make cleaning your diaper easier and less messy. Because the inserts snap in and out, and you’re able to reuse each cover once, they offer a deal called “The Day Pack.” This allows you to get 6 covers (with the inserts) and 4 additional inserts. This gets you 10 diapers which is typically enough to get you through a day of diaper changes. Their “default” inserts are also made of charcoal which helps to keep your baby’s butt dry and rash free. You also don’t have to worry about stains because the inserts are black, so no sunning required!


purple diaper

They really value the quality of the product that they are giving to their customers. So much so, that if a diaper falls on the ground at the warehouse, they don’t sell it at full price. They run different tests on the diapers, like how the diapers hold up to various detergents just as an example. And if there is even the smallest of defects, they discount that diaper. In the past they offered what they called a seconds sale or deal. These are the diapers that they’re selling at a discount because of whatever reason.



Just one example of how products have changed. The covers on the left and in the middle are the older style and the one on the right is the current style.


Lil Helper is constantly seeking to improve their service and products. Having bought diapers used on the B/S/T Group, we have been able to experience the evolution of their cloth diapers despite that fact that we are a fairly new customers (used for the last 6 months, purchased over the last year.) The fabrics used on both the covers and the inserts have changed over time. CEO, Mohammed recently did a Live Q & A on their Facebook Page and talked about this very thing. They used to make and offer quilted inserts. Some customers love them. But the reason that they transitioned away from using them was because they would shrink over time and wouldn’t fit as well in the diaper cover. Why We Chose Cloth Diapers included saving money and the environment, so it’s meaningful to me that they would change the product if it wasn’t reaching those two goals. Other complaints about the diapers were that babies kept getting a “plumber’s crack” or the diapers didn’t fit around their chubby baby’s thighs. So they started making the diapers bigger. It was really mind blowing to me as a customer to watch how the frustrations that I was experiencing as a cloth diapering parent were being addressed in such a meaningful way. (Not that it was me specifically that they did this for, but just how much they care about producing a quality product for their customers and took customer feedback and satisfaction so seriously.)


Lil Helpers loves their customers and community

Lil Helper wants to meet the needs of their customer. In fact, even if someone hated the diapers for one reason or another, almost always (I would say always, but you never know) they will still come back and give a positive review or recommendation because of the way that Lil Helper made them feel (or at least that was my experience when researching diapers.) One big example of this is the trial diaper offer. They will send you one diaper that’s over half off for you to try. Or you can get 2 of them discounted at over half off. They really want to support your efforts in taking the first step towards cloth diapering. If it doesn’t work, no hard feelings. They do want to know why, because they want to make improvements, if they can. But there’s no pressure!

Lil Helper also has it’s own blog that offers tutorials on so many issues that you might face while cloth diapering. They will show you how to fold your diaper up to fit your teeny tiny newborn baby, how to determine if the diaper is fitting too tight, and even how to use cloth diapers in public (with two kids!) You can check out their blog here and search any issue that you might need help with.


Logo was used from their website.


Lil Helper has their Baby Do Good pledge. They donate 1 diaper to a family in need for every 3 diapers sold. They also partner with The Rebecca Foundation. This is an organization that helps families get cloth diapers who may be financially struggling. In fact, according their website, 1 in 3 families are facing diaper needs just in the United States. Cloth diapers provide an alternative to the one and done disposable diapers, that we know are very expensive.


Picture from their website


Lil Helper has adopted a “God Forbid Guarantee.” I don’t want to explain it for them, because they do a beautiful job of explaining it hereI’ve got to admit that this went straight to my heart , I cried and solidified the respect that I had for Lil Helper right then and there.


Lil Helper really does care about you as a person.

They seriously have the best customer engagement that I have ever seen. For starters, you get goodies and handwritten card in your mail with the diapers you order. You could get personal phone calls to follow up with you about your experience regardless if something out of the norm happened. And if something happened, you’ll FOR SURE get a phone call. There was a mix up one time when I was ordering some diapers, because someone told me that I could order a color that was no longer available to be sold. Not only did I get a personal phone call from Mohammad apologizing to me, they sent me an extra diaper in one of their older styles for free. I had the hardest year of my whole life while I was pregnant. This call was ON A SUNDAY AFTERNOON, in the middle of my crappy year, and it really gave me a boost that I desperately needed and made me feel important and valued. 


In addition to phone calls, they’ve got the best social media presence. They’re so funny. They’ve created this amazingly supportive community that is there for entertainment, connection and education. They use memes all the time that crack me up, and as I mentioned previously, they’re doing things like Live Q&A sessions with Mohammad. He’s so chill and down to earth. It was really informative, but still done in a very personal way that allows you to feel connected with the team. They’ll give their personal numbers out so that you can call with questions whenever. You can email or tag them on Facebook and they’ll respond. It’s just really special the way that they engage and treat their customers.


The thing that I want to end with as far as Lil Helper goes is that that they offer an ambassador program. This is basically a chance for them to say thank you for loving us and sharing about us. They offer coupon codes and the opportunity to try things out or offer feedback before products go public. I signed up to be an ambassador because I love this company and the diapers so much. You can use my ambassador link to purchase your diapers if you’d like, and in an effort to remain transparent as possible, it benefits us both! You will get a free diaper if you spend $79+ and I get rewarded for referring you! You can shop using this link! I would like to note that I did not write this because I am in the ambassdors program, I am in the program because of how much I want to support and tell everyone about this amazing company and their diapers.



I hope that this series has been helpful to you in helping you decide whether or not to cloth diaper, and also which type of diapers you’d like to use. Let me know if you have any questions at all or share how your experience went if you decided to cloth diaper or use Lil Helper Cloth Diapers!


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