Spring Cleaning Challenge: Week 4– Bedrooms

I apologize for the unannounced hiatus from the Spring Clean Challenge. I am unexpectedly going through a divorce now. I’m sure that in time I will have lots of posts that chronicle my experiences, insights, and more, but for now, I am going to jump back into the Spring Cleaning Challenge which is cleaning out bedrooms.


Eventually, I would like to share several series around redoing my house in terms of decor. But, before you can “beautify” you have to clean and simplify! The pictures that I would have shared before would have shown a much more cluttered room, because all 3 of us were living in that room. But now, it’s just me and Adalind. I don’t have a frame on the bed right now, because we are now bedsharing and the frame made the bed sit up just a little too high for my comfort level.


Cleaning Your Beddings 

This leads me to where I would start, which is cleaning your bed area. Take everything off of the bed and clean the mattress. There’s some great tips out there on how to do this, but you can basically just sprinkle some baking soda on the bed and let it sit while you do the other areas. When you’re all done and ready to remake your bed, simply vacuum up the baking soda. If you have a frame, take this time to wipe down the frame, because it collects A LOT of dust. You should also clean and replace your pillows at this point too. Take an inventory of your bedding at this point as well and adjust accordingly. We had this one set that said it fit a queen size, but because of a “pillow top” mattress it just didn’t fit. Therefore, that bad boy had to go. It was a pain every time we used it and then remembered again why we hated it.


Sort, Purge, & Clean





Next, you need to go through your drawers, closets, end tables, trunks etc and clear things out. There’s bound to be things that simply need to be tossed or donated. Clothes that you never wear, trinkets/odds and ends that you’ve accumulated on top or in your end tables all need to go! You can do this process however works best for you, but I would pull everything out of one area at a time. So for example, lets use the end table. Take everything off and out of it, then wipe it down—inside and out. Then, as you’re putting things back in, it will give you a chance to decide if you REALLY want to keep it there or not. Follow this process for all of the different areas. When you get to your closet, make sure you wipe down the shelving (if you have any) as well. When you’re done in the closet, vacuum or sweep it out to finish it off!



Don’t forget to check under your bed and other furniture!


If you have mirrors in your bedroom, make sure you give those a good clean too. Even if you don’t get baby handprints all over them, they will still collect dust!


Cleaning Walls, Windows, & Doors


This section will be copied and pasted essentially for every room. I know, it sounds like a lot, and it is a lot. But it’s important that you do this step in deep cleaning every so often. You can adjust this however fits the room, your style, or your preference. But, for me, I think you should start at the top. Get one of those extended Swiffer dusters and go to town. I like to start with light fixtures. Afterwards, I dust off the edge of the wall where it meets the ceiling and even run it across the ceiling so that anything hanging out up on gets addressed. For the walls, there’s been a few ways I’ve seen it cleaned.  You could get one of the Swiffer mops and put a rag on it that you use almost like a paintbrush, going up and down the wall. You’ll have to continue to dunk the rag in some soapy water or whatever way you’re using to clean, but it can be a seamless way to go up and down the walls. As you’re doing that, take the opportunity to clean the light switches. Nothing crazy, but for me, I like to use a Clorox or some other disinfectant wipe on those. You’ll want to do the same with the doors. Wipe the doors down the same way you’re doing the walls and use a disinfectant on the handle or even other parts of the door that tend to get touched a lot. When you reach a window, clean out the tracks when you lift the window up and then clean the glass (ideally inside and out.) We have pretty much got rid of our blinds, but if you have them clean those as well. An easy trick for this is to put a sock on your hand and go through each blade of the blinds to clean them off. Take down any window treatments to be washed as well! Finish this process by also cleaning the baseboards off the same way you’ve washed the walls.

This pretty much wraps up week 4. I’ve got the check list below! Come back next week for week 5—bathrooms! Also be sure to check out the other posts in this series: Week 1Week 2, & Week 3.


bedroom checklist.jpg