Sugar and Spice Baby Shower


Sugar, Spice and Everything Nice, that’s what little girls are made of—


This post is going to walk you through the elements of our Sugar and Spice baby shower for Adalind. It was the perfect theme to fit my pregnancy because literally all I craved was sweet and spicy foods! It does contain affiliate links.


The food for a Sugar and Spice shower was pretty simple—sweets and spicy! The thing that I love most about this theme was the food because really anything that you consider sweet or spicy would fit!

Spicy Foods


For the spicy side, we had quesadillas, tacos, queso, salsa and a pink pasta salad using red peppers! 19030463_857981174356967_4990058845114453894_nWe had a sugar spice spoon that we used to get out sour cream. My sister and law found the cutest details to include!! You could include your own cute details, like this cute bowl to put a dip or salsa in! You can get some little chalkboard signs to label all the different spicy options you decide to serve!

Sweet Foods

Sugar and spice

For the sweet side we did a buffet of sweets. We had 2 chocolate fountainsthat we could dip different foods into. One was the pink candy melts and the other was milk chocolate. YUM! We also had this cute little cupcake standwith pink lighting underneath. Candy works great with this theme as well! You can wrap individual candy kisses with cute labels or you can just buy lots of cute pink candies to create a fun display, provide additional eating options AND double as a favor if you want to leave little bags for people to fill up.


You can see that pink pasta salad I mentioned in the back 😉


I love water bottles, and even more so love having a bottle with a cute label. It’s great because you can provide packets to flavor water bottles if you want to provide additional flavors. I almost always like to take a to go drink with me, so having water bottles gives your guests a way to take drinks home. You can also make various pink drinks! You can have pink lemonade in a drink fountain or make pink punch in a punch bowl. The cute little pink straws are adorable and are perfect for any of these drink options!


Sugar and SpiceBaby Shower.png

Our shower was full of pinks and greys! Chair covers with pink ribbon were a great way to create a uniformed look in the rental space and looked fantastic when you first walked in! They made little glass jars of pink orbeez with tea lights for centerpieces. It was such a beautiful and economic way to decorate the tables! If you can’t have lit candles, you could replace the tealights with fresh or fake flowers! We loved the banner that could be hung on a table or a wall in “Sugar & Spice.”

18953115_857981171023634_7235027569779434248_n.jpgI’m always a fan of pintables because they can be an easy way to make a big impact. They can be used strictly for décor or as a cute way to explain a game. The fun chalkboard labels are a big hit with us as well. If you’ve read the post on why we use cloth diapers, you know that I like being able to save money and reuse things. Therefore, décor that could be reused for a nursery or play room are perfect! This would be perfect for shower and nursery décor!


_my water broke!_.png
One of the easiest games that we had at that shower was the “Breaking my water game.” Everyone picked up an ice cube with a little plastic baby figure and put it in their drink. The first 2-3 people’s whose baby came all the way out of the ice won a prize when they shouted “my water broke!” You can get the kit here! We also had a lot of fun with a paper and pen based game where everyone would choose whether or not they thought Mom or Dad would do certain things. Some examples were “Who would change the first dirty diaper,” or “Most likely to sing to the baby.” Me and Thomas made an “answer” sheet ahead of time and it was super funny to hear everyone’s guesses! 19059552_857981757690242_5000686420339934846_nWe also played “The Price is Right.” My sister in law made a huge poster board of various baby items and everyone had to make guesses about the price of each item… most of us were wayyyyy off and it was funny to hear everyone’s totals. A photo booth with props is always a hit! Here’s a picture and link to the paper and pen game!!


There are a few different options for favors. Above I’d mentioned the candy bags and water bottles. But there’s lots of other cute favor options. They gave some awesome sugar scrubs in glass jars at our shower. But, other scented favors could be another great option. I love these wax melts!

Hopefully sharing the details and fun of our shower has been helpful for planning a sugar and spice shower for another special family! Share below how it went!!


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