Header picture of post with image of bathroom with the words "Spring Cleaning Challenge Week 5: Bathrooms

Spring Cleaning Challenge: Week 5 Cleaning the Bathroom

Welcome to Week 5 of the Spring Cleaning Challenge. This week will focus on cleaning the BATHROOM!

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Header picture of post with image of bathroom with the words

Sort and Purge

If you haven’t noticed a theme in Weeks 1, 23, & 4 of this series, I think that sorting and purging are necessary. Things need to have a “home” and be clutter free.

Take time to sort through your cosmetics, lotions, soaps, etc and get rid of anything that has outlived the shelf life.

Replace your toothbrushes, hair brushes, makeup brushes, and razors.

Look at your towels and replace any that are too worn. Donate them to an animal shelter if they are torn or maybe aren’t as soft or absorbent as before.

Check to ensure that you have a functioning plunger and toilet scrub brush. Replace as needed. If you’re looking for a toilet scrubber, I use this one.

Give your trashcan a once over. If it’s gross then clean it. If you don’t have one, GET ONE!

Clean and replace shower mats as needed. My favorite are memory foam ones.

Clean the Shower

Picture of shower head

When cleaning the bathroom, the shower is a central focus. Start by cleaning or replacing your shower curtain. It can collect a lot of molds and needs to be replaced.

Next, clean the shower head. There are some great natural suggestions that involve using vinegar and a bag rubber banded around the shower head.

Afterward, scrub the sides of the shower and the tub itself.

Clean the Toilet

The toilet is the one area most of us don’t want to clean.

Start with the “outside” of the toilet. Literally, just shut the lid. Wipe down the tops and sides of the toilet. Be sure to clean the floor area around the toilet.

Next, clean the “inside” of the toilet. You can put cleaners in the tank part of the toilet. You can also put cleaner in the toilet bowl.

Don’t forget to clean the handle that flushes the toilet

Clean the Sink and Countertops

Picture of messy countertop in the bathroom area that needs to be sorted and purged
Serious need of sorting and purging!

Take everything off the countertops and from underneath the sinks. You’re going to wipe down the countertops and inside of cabinets. Repeat this process if you have a linen closet.

Take time to clean faucets during this time. If you have a faucet that is leaky, tighten them up.

Clean out the sink bowls.

Clean all the mirrors, and smile at yourself in the process 😊

Check back through Weeks 1-4 posts about cleaning the walls and doors.

Cleaning the bathroom is super important because it’s the area where you go to clean yourself and recharge. It’s often where you go to get ready to start your day. Hopefully, you now feel confident about cleaning your bathroom as a part of the spring cleaning challenge.

Check in next week, for week 6 focusing on the laundry room!


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