Sharing the Summers is a place for me to share the fun, lessons, insights and much more that I discover along this journey called life. I’m a mother to a beautiful baby girl. Everything I share should not be read as expert opinion, but hopefully I am sharing things that help bring a smile to your face, a boost to your soul, or a thought to ponder in your mind. Please enjoy reading the posts that I share, hopefully as much as I enjoy sharing them.

This is also a place for me to share the two business ventures that I have been embarking on! I am a Tinkergarten leader offering outdoor guided play based classes. Even though I’m sharing information about my classes, you can use the website to enter your zipcode and find classes local to you! I have also become a Color Street Stylist. I will be sharing information  on these AH-MAZING 100% nail polish strips including steals, deals and ideas!

I hope that you enjoy my thoughts, the services I can provide or the product that I can hook you up with!