Color Street Nails

I. love. color. street. nail. strips. Seriously.
Almost everyone who knows me in real life knows that I’m fairly low maintenance in terms of beauty needs. There’s two main reasons for this–  cost and application. I don’t want to spend too much and I don’t have the skills? or rather patience for some applications, including nail polish and I’m not going to spend a ton of money on it. So when I heard about Color Street, I was semi skeptical, until I got my first twosie. I tried that free sample and fell in love right then and I want to share it with you.

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If you’ve never tried Color Street’s 100% nail polish strips, you can fill out this form to get a free “twosie” sample of the strips to try!

If you’re ready to order, my friend I would love for you to click here. You can go to my events and choose a nail bar to buy from. If you’ve got a friend hosting one online, go ahead and buy there or if you’re just wanting to shop, Sharing the Summers will always have a nail bar available for you to shop from!

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