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Spring Cleaning Week 2: The Kitchen

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Welcome to week 2 of the spring cleaning challenge! The focus for this week is on the kitchen. Hopefully, you’ve read and completed week one of the challenge and have had a chance to help make your home as safe as possible, or at the very least become aware of things that you’ll want to keep an eye on and address.

You can spread this out across the entire week or you can set aside a day during the week to tackle this whole project. For me, there’s pros and cons to both ways! I will end this with a checklist for the kitchen deep cleaning just like I did with the safety checklist.

Cabinets/Pantry and Fridge


Pull those drawers out and clean them out too!


You’ll want to go through your fridge, freezer, and cabinets/pantry to clear out any expired food. Purging our expired foods has given us the opportunity to reflect on what we’re eating and what we’re just flat out wasting our money on. I would try to do this BEFORE your next grocery shopping trip so that you’ll have as few items to deal with as possible. Go ahead and pull everything out so that you can give the inside of these areas a nice scrub. I don’t think there’s a “right or wrong” way to clean them. I love being able to spray something and then wipe it off. You can make your own spray cleaner or buy one, or you can simply use warm soapy water and a rag. Whatever works for you, you should do! But really give a good deep clean to these areas. As you’re putting food back, if you notice that there are food items you’re not going to use, but aren’t expired, take this opportunity to donate it to a local food bank or other charity that could use those food goods. Clean and purge all the fridges and freezers in your house at this point too (like deep freezers or fridges in the garage for example.)


You can see how underutilized lots of the space is in this picture. When you’re putting things back, it’s a great time to organize things to maximize your space!


Repeat this process for all the cabinets and drawers in your kitchen. Take all the stuff out, clean with your desired method and then put the stuff back. I often find that I don’t want to keep some of the things that I’m putting back. For example, we had this watermelon knife that I bought when we first moved into our apartment. By the time we’d bought our home and packed that stupid knife up for the umpteenth million time, I STILL HADN’T USED IT!!! So—at my last spring cleaning I donated it. I wasn’t using it. It was taking up too much space. Don’t be afraid to do this with any of the stuff in your kitchen. I’m talking small appliances, Tupperware that’s mismatched or warped, repeats of utensils that you never use or even things that are broken and just hanging out. If you’re finding yourself saying “there’s not a place for this,” and you never use it, well just donate it, or toss it!

After you scrub the inside, you’ll need to dust and clean the outside of the cabinets and fridge as well. Lots of time food splatters on the cabinets or on fridge. Take this time to wipe them down and get rid of any food build up that you might have.

Dusting Ceiling & Light Fixtures, and Cleaning Windows, Doors & Walls


This is the wall behind the stove, so the splatters are more visible for emphasis. But, imagine all the things that end up on our walls if we really went and looked… gross!


This section will be copied and pasted essentially for every room. I know, it sounds like a lot, and it is a lot. But it’s important that you do this step in deep cleaning every so often. You can adjust this however fits the room, your style, or your preference. But, for me, I think you should start at the top. Get one of those extended Swiffer dusters and go to town. I like to start with light fixtures. Afterwards, I dust off the edge of the wall where it meets the ceiling and even run it across the ceiling so that anything hanging out up on gets addressed. For the walls, there’s been a few ways I’ve seen it cleaned.  You could get one of the Swiffer mops and put a rag on it that you use almost like a paintbrush, going up and down the wall. You’ll have to continue to dunk the rag in some soapy water or whatever way you’re using to clean, but it can be a seamless way to go up and down the walls. As you’re doing that, take the opportunity to clean the light switches. Nothing crazy, but for me, I like to use a Clorox or some other disinfectant wipe on those. You’ll want to do the same with the doors. Wipe the doors down the same way you’re doing the walls and use a disinfectant on the handle or even other parts of the door that tend to get touched a lot. When you reach a window, clean out the tracks when you lift the window up and then clean the glass (ideally inside and out.) We have pretty much got rid of our blinds, but if you have them clean those as well. An easy trick for this is to put a sock on your hand and go through each blade of the blinds to clean them off. Take down any window treatments to be washed as well! Finish this process by also cleaning the baseboards off the same way you’ve washed the walls.


The baseboards in our kitchen are the worst in the whole house!


Pull out large appliances

You would be amazed how gross it gets behind your fridge and around your stove. We recently got a new stove, so we went through this process around Christmas time, but GROSS!!!! We had all kinds of food running along the side and just crumbs built up everywhere. Especially your fridge and stove should be pulled out, because of how often there is food around them. Pull them out and wipe down the whole area, including the wall. Sweep up anything that’s on the floor and then slide them back into place!

Clean small appliances

This is a great time to check things like the little tray on your toaster, because all that crumb build up can eventually cause it to catch fire. You should also thoroughly clean things like your electric kettle, coffee maker/Keurig, and microwave. Clean them inside and out. We got a screaming mama for Christmas and it really does make a difference cleaning the inside of your microwave. You can scrub the outside of the microwave while using the tool on the inside, and then clean up is a breeze once the timer has went off!


Um, plus this just cracks me up. lol she looks like she’s yelling at me for having a dirty microwave.


Clean your stove, oven, and hood range

There’s so many different strategies with this area in terms of how you want to approach cleaning your stove/oven. There are different cleaners that you can buy to clean the inside of your stove, but while those do clean it, the smell can be A LOT. There’s some chemical free options that you can explore if you don’t want that chemical smell. I mentioned we have a new stove, so we went from having the coils to having a flat top. But, one of the big things for cleaning the coil stove was either replacing or SUPER SCRUBBING those metal pans that went under the coils. AND, you can lift the top of the stove and clean out all the crumbs there. It blew my mind the first time I figured that out. Whichever stove you have, just give the top and middle great scrubs!

If you’re a cook like me, everything you make goes everywhere. I wish it weren’t true, but it is. Be sure to wipe down the front of your oven, as well as the drawer underneath. Apparently, that’s supposed to be a “heating area,” but we still use it for storage *shrugs.* But back to the messy cooking, things like spaghetti sauce might bubble up and “pop.” Well now it’s all over the hood and half the time I don’t even notice. It’s important to scrub that area top and underneath to clear off any build up from cooking.


Dishwasher and Sink


Be sure to move everything off your sink to you can really clean around and behind as well as in your sink!


Our dishwasher can collect little food pieces over time. So, it’s important to pull the racks all the way out and give the entire area inside the dishwasher a nice wipe down. We even run a complete cycle with no dishes in there afterwards to make sure it’s had a chance to clean out. Be sure to clean the front of the dishwasher too! You’ll get food on that area quickly as well.

Your sink needs to be detailed and deep cleaned as well. In addition to scrubbing all around your sink and faucet, you also need to clean your drain! You can buy some drain cleaner or you can do a more natural approach. Whichever works best for you, but make sure you do this. Also, please please please don’t pour grease down your drain. If you have been—stop!

Wipe down counters and anything on them!


I love our sugar container <3 but it’s also a reminder to clean some of these things that tend to just get refilled without acutally cleaning the container.


This might sound obvious, but really wipe down and disinfect your countertops. Anything that’s on your countertops should be cleaned too. For example, the knife block, sugar canister, cutting board, dish trying rack, etc. Also, in this “section” you’ll want to dust out a shelf, china hutch, dining room table and chairs (plus anything on them!) We don’t have a separate dining room, but if you do, you’ll need to repeat the wall clean process.

Clean your (inside) garbage and recycling cans

Even when you’re careful, things happen, and those bad boys start smelling rank. Bags rip, or things splatter, or I guess just over time gunk just happens to accumulate on the inside of the can and on the lid. Depending on the severity off the funk in your cans, you can either simply wipe it out or you can take it outside to be hosed and dried. Sadly, we usually must do the latter.


Clean floor and mats

Finish your kitchen spring clean by cleaning the floor. If the mats in your kitchen are machine washable go ahead and throw them in the wash. If they are not, hand scrub the mats and set them aside to dry. Sweep and mop your kitchen floor.


Lastly, here is your printable checklist–

Kitchen Checklist.png

Now stand back and admire how great you’ve just made your kitchen look! Anything you would add to your kitchen spring clean session? Let me know in the comments!

Check in next week for week 3 of the spring cleaning challenge—Living Room/Family Room, Office, and/or playrooms!!

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Spring Cleaning Week 1: Safety Check

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Spring is just around the corner, which means so is Spring Cleaning. There’s a lot of things to think about and do during your spring clean, and if you tried to do it all at once, you’ll likely get burned out, frustrated and not do it. I’ve also found that I will slack off if I don’t have someone motivating me or a REASON to keep pushing forward, and sorry to say but—a clean space isn’t always going to cut it. Therefore, I’ve made this into a 7 week challenge. Each week STILL has plenty of things to do even though it’s broken down into almost 2 months of deep cleaning. Me writing this will challenge me to actually do all the things that I am writing about and can maybe learn a few tips and tricks from you along the way. So without further ado, let’s get started.


Home Safety Check

Week one is going to focus on your safety checklist. There are lots of things that aren’t just a matter of “wanting a clean house.” You actually have some safety things that you need to be considering and checking on. Even if you’re in an apartment or rental, I don’t care if it’s your landlord’s responsibility, you want to make sure that you and your family are safe! I am including pictures from our house, and I would say don’t judge us, but eh *shrugs,* there would be no need for spring cleaning if everyone’s house was perfect!


This one is on the ceiling. You can see the dirt around the edges, so we’ll have to take this one down and clean it!

Clean your air vents

You can simply vacuum visible build up if that’s possible. For some of mine, we won’t be able to do that. We are going to have to either take them off and go spray them with the hose, or in the tub with a sprayer or just use a wet rag and clean it off. But for sure go room to room and do this for each of them! Have you ever used a cheese cloth for getting off dust and dirt? I wouldn’t use it daily or anything, but we’re for sure going to need to use it on some of these vents with all the animal hairs. ugh!

Animal hair makes cleaning so much harder!!! We have filters behind this that need to be changed monthly. But make sure you’re changing these filters too if your system requires it!


Clean or Replace Furnace Filters

You’re really supposed to do this monthly. Our old system had monthly filters we had to take out and throw away every month in our furnace, but we had to replace the whole HVAC system right before Adalind was born. Now, it has a cleanable one we’re supposed to clean monthly. In our apartments, there were filters that went in the wall and ceiling, now we just have the wall. You’ll need to change the wall and ceiling filters just like the furnace filter if that’s how your system is set up. Like I said, it’s supposed to be monthly, but you for sure need to do it now if you haven’t before! This is also a good time to schedule to have your furnace/ac inspected and/or cleaned!


Check and change smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors batteries, fire extinguisher level, and first aid kit levels/medicine expiration

These are pretty self explanatory. Replace what is needs replaced!

Here are some links to a few of the replacements we will be getting:

Fire Extinguisher

Combo Carbon Monoxide/Smoke Detector

First Aid Kit


Open windows

This isn’t just about getting the fresh air. You also need to make sure that your windows are able to open up, especially if you need to climb out of them in events such as a fire.


Create a family emergency plan and double check it

You want to make sure that your family has communicated a plan in case of emergencies. Where will you go to if there is a fire? How will you get out? Do you have a ladder or way to get down from second story? What if there is a bigger community wide emergency, where will you meet? Are all of your important documents in one place for you to quickly grab if you needed to? There are great resources to help you talk through (such as this one, )and plan this together as a family, but it’s important that you have these conversations and think through these things. 


Replace burned out light bulbs

While you’re doing that, I would also make sure that you have flashlights with new batteries and candles in the event the power were to go out. You can use this as an excuse to go out and buy your favorite scented candles, or you can buy flameless candles.


Check for any apparent structural damage to the inside or outside of the house

Do you see any cracks in the foundation of the house, driveway or side walk? Are any of the steps loose on the patio? Need to tighten up a handrail? Are any of the outside vents clogged with debris? Is water draining away from your house from your gutters? Do you notice any water spots in the ceiling? Check for these types of structural issues and address them ASAP!


We need to have the water run off farther from the house.
Cracks in the foundation need to be sealed!
Sometimes these get clogged with lint from your dryer and you’ll need these suctioned out!

Check attic, crawl space, garage and/or basement

Obviously you want to clean these areas, but it’s important to also check them out for animals that could have potentially made a home, or check for things like standing water. You don’t want any mold hanging out in these areas either and not know it.


Check for and clear any insect nests or cobwebs
inside or outside the house

Notice little wasp combs starting up on your patio? Lots of cobwebs? Clear those bad boys out! Once you’ve done that, got ahead and spray to keep the critters out!! Use this nifty tool (purple thing) to clear them off outside.


We need to fix that siding as well, but this is where wasp nests start to show up at our house and you can see some cobweb accumulation next to the door frame.

Clean your gutters out

You don’t want any flooding to happen because of full gutters!


Check all your outlets where you have things plugged in

I really do mean walk around and look at all of them. We STILL have not put outlet covers back on in our bedroom from when we painted. OMG. So for example that’s step one for us. But you’ll want to look and see what’s going on at each outlet. Do you need to baby proof it? Add some plug protectors on unused plugs? What do you have plugged in and what does it look like? Can some of your smaller appliances go ahead and be unplugged?

No words y’all.

You need to check and make sure that cords are not looking cracked, worn, or frayed. No cords running across doorways…please! If you’ve got things plugged into a power strip, is it surge protected? It’s not feeling warm to the touch, right? If it is, you need get a new one and you need to consider plugging less things into it. You also shouldn’t have something falling out of the outlet or loosely tilted while it’s being plugged in *cough* not that I have a picture example of that happening at our house. *FACEPALM*


Baby proof

The knob to this door came off and it’s just a pokey screw sticking out. Maybe it’s super dangerous for adults, but being on a kid’s level this is a whole different story!

Yes, this is a big giant topic. It could have it’s own post. In fact, I might do that one day. But for now, I’m just going to set it as a reminder with a few ideas. Need to anchor TVs or big furniture? Need to get scary harmful chemicals up and out of reach? Need to block off stairs? We’re trying as much as possible to make a Montessori/yes space for Adalind. So getting down on her level and taking a look around for dangers is huge. This may look different next spring, or even this fall! But get down there and see what they’re seeing and put in some safety steps based off what you see. You might be surprised!

Below is a link to a printable safety checklist made for your convenience to use while you’re doing week 1 of the spring cleaning challenge! Be sure to share how it went! I was surprised at how many safety issues I came across while preparing for this and we are working hard this week to correct them!! Check in next week, Monday March 12th for Week 2 of the Spring Cleaning Challenge– The Kitchen!!


safety checklist.png 




Refill, Reach and Replace– A different way to think about the 3 Rs


Reuse, Reduce, and Recycle—Those are the 3 R’s that most of us are familiar with. I love these 3 R’s and I talk about the importance of being environmentally friendly in in the cloth diaper series (1,2,3,4, 5).

But today I want to talk about another set of 3 R’s: Refill, Reach and Replace. Much like the other 3 R’s save our plant and maintain the beauty of our earth, these new 3 R’s are there to sustain our souls, enrich our communities, and build partnerships. All of the R’s are there to make a world a beautiful and wonderful place. But my sincere hope is that sharing these new R’s will help you reflect on your ability to make a difference in your own life and the life of others around you, the same way that the original 3 Rs allow you to make an environmental impact on the planet. Each of these work independently and collaboratively to help make things better.



It’s important for me to start with refill. What I mean by refill is refill your cup. You can’t fill someone else’s cup if you haven’t refilled your own. Life, as wonderful as it can be, also drains a little bit from you everyday, and some of us are walking around with empty cups.

An empty cup can make it hard to get out of bed. It doesn’t afford you the ability to have patience when your loved ones are just flat out annoying (cause if we’re keeping it real, just cause we love them, it doesn’t mean they don’t get annoying.)

Not having enough in your own cup makes dealing with some of life’s challenges nearly impossible.

Moving about with nothing in your cup can eventually lead you to feel like you’re nothing, or make you feel like nothing you’re doing is good, or meaningful, or valued. It can also make you feel exhausted and unmotivated. It’s not good for you. It’s important to fill your cup up. Maybe you can’t manage to have a full cup everyday. But, you need to do something to add to your cup weekly, but ideally daily!

So, how do you refill your cup?


You’ll have to answer that one. I can share with you a few things that I’ve done to refill my own cup and hopefully give you some ideas of where to start.

·         I started a Book Club. I wanted a place to connect and challenge me while also motivating me to carve out reading time for myself. Reading itself can be a cup filler.

·         I try all the seasonal drinks at Starbucks. Some are really great, and some are meh. But it’s fun for me to give myself that treat every couple of weeks.

·         I get a massage. There’s A LOT of great benefits to a massage. It’s not something I consider a luxury. It’s a wonderful way to fill my cup mentally and physically. You can save money by getting massages done at a local massage school by their students.

·         I’ve been doing my nails here recently, and I’ve been really loving having some glitter on them! Color Street has been a game changer for me, and so much so that I’ve started to sell them. Learn more here!

·         Calling a good listener or wonderful encourager. I’m a long winded, talk in circles, repeat myself and verbally process kinda lady. I have a few wonderful women in my tribe that are so compassionate and patient to let me get things off my chest without interruption or judgement. Not everyone can do this for you, and that’s okay, we’ve all got our strengths. But you should find someone who can listen when you need to vent.

·         Going for a walk to take some pretty pictures. You can add filters or not, but then share them with others so they can enjoy the beauty too. Your walk doesn’t have to be outside, but for sure walk around somewhere that you will be passing things that bring you joy.

·         Watching or reading something funny. A big belly laugh, the kind that makes your eyes wet with tears and aches to your sides from laughing so hard, is probably the best way to refill your cup.

·         Riding in the car with the music up loud giving surrounding cars a full concert complete with air guitar and a synchronized dance routine.

There are so many options for refilling your cup. Sometimes it’s good to spend some dollars on yourself, and other times money is one of those areas that’s maybe draining your cup. Whether it’s expensive or free, you gotta refill your cup.

Sometimes though, what you need to “top off” your cup, so to speak, is to help fill someone else’s cup. You can’t sustain your own cup doing this, but it can be a nice way to help your cup “run over,” which leads to the second R.

Reach Out

There’s two ways to look at this one. You can reach out to others looking for assistance or you can reach out to offer assistance. Both of these are important, and there should be a healthy balance of you doing both of these.

Sometimes it’s easier for us to give help than it is to accept help. I get it. I would rather run myself completely ragged trying to “do it all” by myself. When I do eventually ask for help or accept help that someone is offering, I find myself apologizing. I’m basically saying “I’m sorry I couldn’t do it all by myself.” WHY AM I DOING THAT?! We use the phrase “it takes a village” all the time, but then won’t let the village help. If someone is offering to help you, do yourself a favor and take it! The biggest mistake I made after having my c-section was never taking anyone’s offer to come help me with the baby. People would ask here and there if I needed anything financially or physically, and I hardly ever took them up on it. Even after I’d healed, it still would have been nice to have some help with the dishes or picking up a click list of groceries, or holding the baby while I took a nap. I think I get so worried about inconveniencing people that I won’t ask for help or accept it when it’s offered. If I would just stop trying to be some super human who can do it all, I’d probably save myself a lot of frustration, exhaustion, and even sometimes alienation if I would just reach out and ask for the help that I need.


On the flip side of the coin, reach out to others and see that they need. This could be as simple as pushing someone’s grocery cart to the corral. Seriously, do you know how helpful that is when you’ve got a baby in the car or it hurts to walk a lot? Here’s some other ideas that I’ve encountered recently:

·         FOOD. My family is all about food. This could be taking a meal to a family who maybe needs some support whether it’s for a joyous reason such as a new baby(or babies) or maybe to someone who doesn’t get many visitors or could use a smile and home cooked meal.

·         Know any parents with no family that’s involved locally or at all to help give them a break? Maybe offer to keep the kiddos to give them an opportunity to go refill their own cup.

·         Comment on someone’s picture, post on their wall or send a letter in the mail. Take an opportunity to tell another person how wonderful they are. I can tell you from experience, it means a lot to hear that you’re doing a good job, you’re looking great, or you’re being thought of.

·         Think about some things that you really care about. Animals? Babies? Environment? Fitness? Specific cause? From there, see where there is a need for your money or time, and then donate it! Maybe a local group needs a fun person to come teach a Zumba class at their organization and you’re an instructor, or perhaps a group is $100 shy of reaching their fundraising goal and you help them raise that last little bit. The sky is the limit here and there is no specific group that you have to give time or money to, as long as it’s important to you and their mission is supporting that passion of yours.

·         Carpooling. If you’ve got a car or boatloads of cash to spend on Uber/Lyft/Taxi etc, then you don’t have to think about how you’re getting to and from places. But, if you don’t have a car or cash, this can be a really stressful part of your day. If you’re feeling up to being extremely helpful, by all means, go out of your way and just be extra helpful. But what I was really thinking about, is when you’re already going to be passing by someone’s house and you’re going to the same general direction/location, just go ahead and carpool to help alleviate some of that stress, at least for one leg of their trip. This is especially big with coworkers or for people going to the exact same event as you anyways.

There are so many ways to reach out to people. Keep healthy boundaries with this, and don’t take advantage/be taken advantage of. Don’t give so much that you’re emptying your own cup. Some people reach out all the time without ever returning the favor and aren’t grateful. It’s important to remember that people’s time is a gift and you should be thankful and appreciative when they give you any of it. If you feel that you can never reach out to someone or you find something is constantly leaving you feeling like you need to refill your cup afterwards, it may be time to reflect on the last R.



Replace fits in beautifully with refill and reach, and just like the other 2 Rs there are lots of ways to think about and implement replace. You really want to make sure that you’re replacing the negatives with the positives. This can be with thoughts, people, and situations. If something is not bringing you joy, you don’t need it in your life. Practically speaking, you can’t escape everything that brings you down at any point ever. But, every area that you can replace something negative you should. This can be really simple like replacing an ill fitting sweater with a comfortable and well fitting one.

Another area that has been really standing out to me lately is with social media. I’ve got a lot of people in my circle that have been talking a lot about how much various things on social media have been bringing them down and emptying their cups. What I’ve found has been super helpful is the “hide this post (and posts like it)” button, the “unfollow/snooze” button or simply the “unfriend” button. Social media doesn’t have to be a dark and negative space. They’ve taken great lengths to help you structure your newsfeed with more of what you want to see. So just replace the things you don’t want to see on your timeline with things that you do. Follow pages and join groups with similar interests as you. Except on days that something really sad happens on a community wide level, for the most part I love scrolling through my timeline, because I have replaced all the things I don’t want to see with the things that I do.


Replace can also be a good place to talk about replacing toxic relationships with healthy ones. Someone may not be a bad person, but they may be a bad person for you.

Replace can also be a good point to bring up our thoughts. Replace negative thoughts with positive thoughts. This can be SOOOO much easier said than done. Sometimes it’s not possible for us to do this on our own and we need to reach out. Replacing negative thoughts with positive ones can also be a good way to refill our cups. For example, maybe you’re frustrated being stuck in traffic. I mean, c’mon who LIKES traffic? But, it could be a great time to pick one of those options for refilling your cup. Or you could explore your city and try to find new back road routes home instead of sitting at lights. Whatever you need to do to replace that negativity hanging out in your car from traffic into something positive.


I hope that you’ve been able to see the interconnectedness of Refill, Reach and Replace. Each of these are important as solo dolo actions, but when they’re working together in a cycle especially within an entire community, it can make a huge difference. Share some ways that you Refill, Reach, and Replace!


Sugar and Spice Baby Shower


Sugar, Spice and Everything Nice, that’s what little girls are made of—


This post is going to walk you through the elements of our Sugar and Spice baby shower for Adalind. It was the perfect theme to fit my pregnancy because literally all I craved was sweet and spicy foods! It does contain affiliate links.


The food for a Sugar and Spice shower was pretty simple—sweets and spicy! The thing that I love most about this theme was the food because really anything that you consider sweet or spicy would fit!

Spicy Foods


For the spicy side, we had quesadillas, tacos, queso, salsa and a pink pasta salad using red peppers! 19030463_857981174356967_4990058845114453894_nWe had a sugar spice spoon that we used to get out sour cream. My sister and law found the cutest details to include!! You could include your own cute details, like this cute bowl to put a dip or salsa in! You can get some little chalkboard signs to label all the different spicy options you decide to serve!

Sweet Foods

Sugar and spice

For the sweet side we did a buffet of sweets. We had 2 chocolate fountainsthat we could dip different foods into. One was the pink candy melts and the other was milk chocolate. YUM! We also had this cute little cupcake standwith pink lighting underneath. Candy works great with this theme as well! You can wrap individual candy kisses with cute labels or you can just buy lots of cute pink candies to create a fun display, provide additional eating options AND double as a favor if you want to leave little bags for people to fill up.


You can see that pink pasta salad I mentioned in the back 😉


I love water bottles, and even more so love having a bottle with a cute label. It’s great because you can provide packets to flavor water bottles if you want to provide additional flavors. I almost always like to take a to go drink with me, so having water bottles gives your guests a way to take drinks home. You can also make various pink drinks! You can have pink lemonade in a drink fountain or make pink punch in a punch bowl. The cute little pink straws are adorable and are perfect for any of these drink options!


Sugar and SpiceBaby Shower.png

Our shower was full of pinks and greys! Chair covers with pink ribbon were a great way to create a uniformed look in the rental space and looked fantastic when you first walked in! They made little glass jars of pink orbeez with tea lights for centerpieces. It was such a beautiful and economic way to decorate the tables! If you can’t have lit candles, you could replace the tealights with fresh or fake flowers! We loved the banner that could be hung on a table or a wall in “Sugar & Spice.”

18953115_857981171023634_7235027569779434248_n.jpgI’m always a fan of pintables because they can be an easy way to make a big impact. They can be used strictly for décor or as a cute way to explain a game. The fun chalkboard labels are a big hit with us as well. If you’ve read the post on why we use cloth diapers, you know that I like being able to save money and reuse things. Therefore, décor that could be reused for a nursery or play room are perfect! This would be perfect for shower and nursery décor!


_my water broke!_.png
One of the easiest games that we had at that shower was the “Breaking my water game.” Everyone picked up an ice cube with a little plastic baby figure and put it in their drink. The first 2-3 people’s whose baby came all the way out of the ice won a prize when they shouted “my water broke!” You can get the kit here! We also had a lot of fun with a paper and pen based game where everyone would choose whether or not they thought Mom or Dad would do certain things. Some examples were “Who would change the first dirty diaper,” or “Most likely to sing to the baby.” Me and Thomas made an “answer” sheet ahead of time and it was super funny to hear everyone’s guesses! 19059552_857981757690242_5000686420339934846_nWe also played “The Price is Right.” My sister in law made a huge poster board of various baby items and everyone had to make guesses about the price of each item… most of us were wayyyyy off and it was funny to hear everyone’s totals. A photo booth with props is always a hit! Here’s a picture and link to the paper and pen game!!


There are a few different options for favors. Above I’d mentioned the candy bags and water bottles. But there’s lots of other cute favor options. They gave some awesome sugar scrubs in glass jars at our shower. But, other scented favors could be another great option. I love these wax melts!

Hopefully sharing the details and fun of our shower has been helpful for planning a sugar and spice shower for another special family! Share below how it went!!


Why we love and use Lil Helper Cloth Diapers

If you’ve read the other posts in the cloth diaper series, then you’ve had a chance to think through whether or not you’re interested in cloth diapering. Choosing which cloth diaper you want to do can be overwhelming. Lots of families like to get a variety of diapers and then try them all out before committing to one particular type. I started to do this until we found Lil Helper. We fell in love almost immediately. There are 3 main reasons that we love using Lil Helper diapers—

Diaper System and Quality

Customer and Community Service

Customer Engagement

Each of these are great stand alone reasons for us to choose to support Lil Helper and use their diapers. But all of these reasons together have helped me to become very passionate about cloth diapering and them as a company.


Let’s start with the Diaper System and Quality

all in two diaper

Throughout this cloth diaper series, I have been sprinkling little bits of love on Lil Helper while explaining  What are the different types of cloth diapers? and Cleaning Cloth Diapers and Cloth Diapering Terms, Acronyms, and Accessories AND Why We Chose Cloth Diapers. I love the way that these diapers work. The snap in inserts allow you to reuse the covers more than once and make cleaning your diaper easier and less messy. Because the inserts snap in and out, and you’re able to reuse each cover once, they offer a deal called “The Day Pack.” This allows you to get 6 covers (with the inserts) and 4 additional inserts. This gets you 10 diapers which is typically enough to get you through a day of diaper changes. Their “default” inserts are also made of charcoal which helps to keep your baby’s butt dry and rash free. You also don’t have to worry about stains because the inserts are black, so no sunning required!


purple diaper

They really value the quality of the product that they are giving to their customers. So much so, that if a diaper falls on the ground at the warehouse, they don’t sell it at full price. They run different tests on the diapers, like how the diapers hold up to various detergents just as an example. And if there is even the smallest of defects, they discount that diaper. In the past they offered what they called a seconds sale or deal. These are the diapers that they’re selling at a discount because of whatever reason.



Just one example of how products have changed. The covers on the left and in the middle are the older style and the one on the right is the current style.


Lil Helper is constantly seeking to improve their service and products. Having bought diapers used on the B/S/T Group, we have been able to experience the evolution of their cloth diapers despite that fact that we are a fairly new customers (used for the last 6 months, purchased over the last year.) The fabrics used on both the covers and the inserts have changed over time. CEO, Mohammed recently did a Live Q & A on their Facebook Page and talked about this very thing. They used to make and offer quilted inserts. Some customers love them. But the reason that they transitioned away from using them was because they would shrink over time and wouldn’t fit as well in the diaper cover. Why We Chose Cloth Diapers included saving money and the environment, so it’s meaningful to me that they would change the product if it wasn’t reaching those two goals. Other complaints about the diapers were that babies kept getting a “plumber’s crack” or the diapers didn’t fit around their chubby baby’s thighs. So they started making the diapers bigger. It was really mind blowing to me as a customer to watch how the frustrations that I was experiencing as a cloth diapering parent were being addressed in such a meaningful way. (Not that it was me specifically that they did this for, but just how much they care about producing a quality product for their customers and took customer feedback and satisfaction so seriously.)


Lil Helpers loves their customers and community

Lil Helper wants to meet the needs of their customer. In fact, even if someone hated the diapers for one reason or another, almost always (I would say always, but you never know) they will still come back and give a positive review or recommendation because of the way that Lil Helper made them feel (or at least that was my experience when researching diapers.) One big example of this is the trial diaper offer. They will send you one diaper that’s over half off for you to try. Or you can get 2 of them discounted at over half off. They really want to support your efforts in taking the first step towards cloth diapering. If it doesn’t work, no hard feelings. They do want to know why, because they want to make improvements, if they can. But there’s no pressure!

Lil Helper also has it’s own blog that offers tutorials on so many issues that you might face while cloth diapering. They will show you how to fold your diaper up to fit your teeny tiny newborn baby, how to determine if the diaper is fitting too tight, and even how to use cloth diapers in public (with two kids!) You can check out their blog here and search any issue that you might need help with.


Logo was used from their website.


Lil Helper has their Baby Do Good pledge. They donate 1 diaper to a family in need for every 3 diapers sold. They also partner with The Rebecca Foundation. This is an organization that helps families get cloth diapers who may be financially struggling. In fact, according their website, 1 in 3 families are facing diaper needs just in the United States. Cloth diapers provide an alternative to the one and done disposable diapers, that we know are very expensive.


Picture from their website


Lil Helper has adopted a “God Forbid Guarantee.” I don’t want to explain it for them, because they do a beautiful job of explaining it hereI’ve got to admit that this went straight to my heart , I cried and solidified the respect that I had for Lil Helper right then and there.


Lil Helper really does care about you as a person.

They seriously have the best customer engagement that I have ever seen. For starters, you get goodies and handwritten card in your mail with the diapers you order. You could get personal phone calls to follow up with you about your experience regardless if something out of the norm happened. And if something happened, you’ll FOR SURE get a phone call. There was a mix up one time when I was ordering some diapers, because someone told me that I could order a color that was no longer available to be sold. Not only did I get a personal phone call from Mohammad apologizing to me, they sent me an extra diaper in one of their older styles for free. I had the hardest year of my whole life while I was pregnant. This call was ON A SUNDAY AFTERNOON, in the middle of my crappy year, and it really gave me a boost that I desperately needed and made me feel important and valued. 


In addition to phone calls, they’ve got the best social media presence. They’re so funny. They’ve created this amazingly supportive community that is there for entertainment, connection and education. They use memes all the time that crack me up, and as I mentioned previously, they’re doing things like Live Q&A sessions with Mohammad. He’s so chill and down to earth. It was really informative, but still done in a very personal way that allows you to feel connected with the team. They’ll give their personal numbers out so that you can call with questions whenever. You can email or tag them on Facebook and they’ll respond. It’s just really special the way that they engage and treat their customers.


The thing that I want to end with as far as Lil Helper goes is that that they offer an ambassador program. This is basically a chance for them to say thank you for loving us and sharing about us. They offer coupon codes and the opportunity to try things out or offer feedback before products go public. I signed up to be an ambassador because I love this company and the diapers so much. You can use my ambassador link to purchase your diapers if you’d like, and in an effort to remain transparent as possible, it benefits us both! You will get a free diaper if you spend $79+ and I get rewarded for referring you! You can shop using this link! I would like to note that I did not write this because I am in the ambassdors program, I am in the program because of how much I want to support and tell everyone about this amazing company and their diapers.



I hope that this series has been helpful to you in helping you decide whether or not to cloth diaper, and also which type of diapers you’d like to use. Let me know if you have any questions at all or share how your experience went if you decided to cloth diaper or use Lil Helper Cloth Diapers!


Cloth Diapering Terms, Acronyms, and Accessories

Cloth diapers do require a little bit of “extra” so to speak. It comes with it’s own lingo that you’ll need to know in order to navigate the cloth diapering world, and it also comes with it’s own “accessories.” This post is going to share with you the important things that you need to know as far as cloth diapering extras are concerned.

This post contains affiliate links. You can read my full disclosure here.

Cloth Diapering Language and Acronyms

First, lets talk about the language for cloth diapers. There are a lot of  and terms that go along with cloth diapering. This is not an all inclusive list, but it’s ones that I’ve caught myself trying to use quite a bit while writing this series or that would be important for you to know, especially when you’re online talking, buying, or selling cloth diapers.

Fluff– Nickname for cloth diapers

Stash– Nickname for all yo diapers!

WAHM– Work at home Mom making their own merchandise to sell

PUL– Basically the laminate part of the cover that allows it to be water proof

Cover or Shell– This is the outside part of the diaper that makes it “water proof.”

Insert or Soaker- This is what goes inside of the cover and absorbs the urine or poop.

Wicking– You’ll see this being talked about when you’re trying to keep your baby’s butt dry because wet stuff goes from the top and wicks it’s way down into another fabric (like a liner into an insert)

Repelling– Basically, the insert isn’t absorbing liquids, it’s repelling it. Using the wrong creams on a baby’s butt without a liner to protect your insert can cause repelling. But, if your diaper is leaking a lot, it’s more than likely a fit issue rather than repelling, unless you’ve been using something that would cause it to repel.

OS– One size cloth diapers that can be adjusted to fit from birth to about 36ish lbs

All in One or AiO– This is the diaper with the “flaps” that are sewn in. You don’t need to do anything to this diaper other than stick it right on your baby’s butt.

All in Two or Ai2– This is the diaper that is a cross between an AiO and a Pocket Diaper.

Pocket(s)– These are the diapers that have a “pocket” you stuff inserts into.

Flats/Prefolds– These are the diapers that you need to fold and fasten together. Typically used with a snappi.

FST– Flour sack towels which are cheap options to use as a flat style diaper.

Snappi– The 3 pointed “tool” that was pictured with the flats/prefolds that clings to the material to hold the diaper together.

Fitted– These are shaped like a cover, but made out of liner or insert materials. Will still require a cover to go over it.

Push up the rise- This is kinda confusing to explain, so I’m going to include a picture. But basically when you snap your rise snaps, it shortens the diaper, which can be great, but you need to push the rise back up afterwards.

Getting a fit/Good Fit- Refers to the way the diaper is fitting on the baby. You don’t want it too tight or too lose.

Sprayer– The tool that attaches to the toilet in order to spray the poop from the diapers.

Spray pal or shield– Diapers are clipped onto spray pal or shield in order to spray the diapers without making a huge mess. You can make your own or purchase them premade.

Wetbag– This is a bag that is used to hold dirty cloth diapers. They come in different sizes, and will be discussed in better detail below. These have a zipper usually.

Pail liner– These are pretty similar to wet bags except they can be put in a garbage can or something else you’d like to use to put your dirty diapers in.

Liner– These are placed on top of your chosen insert to protect the diaper or make cleaning poopy diapers easier. These will be discussed in more detail below.

EBF/BF– Exclusively breastfeed or breastfed, because remember if they’re exclusively breastfed then their poopy diapers don’t have to be sprayed!

B/S/T– Buy Sell Trade, these are usually facebook groups where you can do exactly as the name says.

PPD- Postage paid. You’ll see this on the BST pages. So $40 ppd, means that you pay $40 and that includes shipping.

Standard Non-HE Washer/ Top Loader- These are the washing machines with the big thing in the middle of the washer called an agitator. There are 3 important terms you need to know when you’re doing laundry in a top loader, and you should check out Fluff Love University for examples of how to achieve each of these :

Soup– too much water and not enough items in the load
Stew– perfect ratio of water to items in the load
Chili– too little water and not enough items in the load

Bulking– This is used when trying to achieve “stew.” It means you’re adding things to the load to “bulk it up” so there’s not too much water.

Pre Wash– This is first wash you do to get the urine or poop off your diaper.

Main Wash– This is the wash that cleans your diapers.

Water hardness/PPM– You’ll need to know if you have hard or soft water, and you’ll need the specific (parts per million) number to determine exactly how hard your water is. You will use water test strips to test your water hardness.

Water Softener– This is added to your load like detergent to soften the water from getting mineral build up.

Stripping– This is a process to get rid of mineral build up on your diapers. This isn’t a required thing. It’s only if you’ve got build up from washing in hard water all the time without using a water softener.

Sunning- If your diapers are stained, you can put them out in the sun for a bit to help get rid of the stains.

Bleaching or Sanitizing– This is the process(es) that you would use when you need to sanitize your diapers. This is typically seen when you buy used or baby had something like a yeast infection. Like stripping, you shouldn’t do this all the time, it’s really not good for the diapers.

If you need a refresher and want to see examples of lots of these terms check back to Why We Chose Cloth DiapersCleaning Cloth Diapers and  What are the different types of cloth diapers? posts  to see pictures and more in depth explanations for most of these. But as promised, I’m going to go into more depth on the cloth diaper “accessories” wet bags, pail liners, and diaper liners.

The flower box on the left holds our diapers and the grey box beneath it holds the liners. We hang our pail liner on the knob of the changing table to save room, but you can put those in a laundry basket or trash can if you’d rather.

This is our set up at our house. We store our diapers, liners, wipes and creams all together on our changing table. We like to hang our pail liner from the knob of our changing table. When it gets to be too heavy, that’s usually a good indicator that it’s time to wash that load. Our dirty diapers, wet bags, and clothes that got leaked on go straight into this liner. We dump the liner contents into the washer and then throw it right on top to wash with everything else! Super simple and easy. Planet Wise Reusable Diaper Pail Liner, To The Point is the pail liner brand we use. They’ve been great for us! You can see it below in the hedgehog print.

large wetbag of dirty clothes
Our pail liner once it’s full and fallen off the knob!

This is an example of a wet bag. When you’re going out and about you will keep one of these in your diaper bag so that you can keep your dirty diapers stored without all the smell or potential to get your diaper bag wet or dirty. They come in a lot of different sizes, all the way up to Planet Wise Wet Diaper Bag, Jewel Woods, Large that holds almost as much as our pail liner, and it has a zipper! We just empty our dirty diapers out of the wet bag and put them, along with the wet bag, into our pail liner to be ready for laundry day.Wet Dry Bag Baby Cloth Diaper Nappy Bag Reusable with Two Zippered Pockets (Baby Fox) is the same brand and style as the featured wet bag. We have the fox print and several others. Lil Helper also has wetbags available for purchase!!

From left to right: Disposable, Lil Helper, and DIY Fleece Liner

These are liners that you put on top of your inserts. I am showing you 3 different kinds in the picture. There are disposable ones that you can pull off like a paper towel (or you could even use Viva brand paper towels as a disposable liner) and then throw away after they get dirty. You could buy one from a company and of course, we have the Lil Helper inserts! Or your last option is to make your own out of some fleece that you bought at the store and cut up. There’s some tutorials on how to cut up your own, but *FACEPALM* I messed that up big time (as you can see from the picture.) After I messed up the first set, I just used our Lil Helper one as a template and cut the fleece to that size. GroVia BioLiners Unscented Diaper Liners, 400 Count are available here.

You can use a liner as a way to help deal with cleaning poop, but it’s not really all that worth it for me. What does make it worth it is when there is some sort of diaper rash that requires a cream. There is an index on Fluff Love that outlines cloth diaper safe creams that you can use. If you don’t use a liner when using a cream that’s not safe for cloth diapers, it will ruin them and cause them to repel. We tried some of those cloth diaper safe creams when she had a terrible rash. But honestly, that “rash” looked like acid poop burns. I don’t know how else to describe it. But it looked so painful, and the only way that it healed was using a thick, white zinc oxide cream (Destin basically). Now, that’s all we’ll use because we know it works. She’s never had a rash like that again, but we had to use liners for that time period. We kept all of our liners because I don’t even want to try and figure out which cloth diaper safe creams work, because I will always say go for the thick white paste!! ** I would also like to note that she got the rash when were using disposables (we didn’t start using cloth until she was 5 weeks old). The rash could have been from something in my diet because I breastfeed, or it could have been the diapers. But she has not had rashes like that ever again since we’ve started cloth.**

Hopefully this has been helpful in helping you grasp some of the lingo. Share in the comments if there’s some terms you think I’ve forgotten that others might need to know!!

Check out the last post of the series, on why I love Lil Helper and exclusively use them for cloth diapering! (…minus those 6 WAHM AiO diapers we have!… And you know what I just said with those acronyms after reading this!!) You can use THIS link to get there!!!